Here are some comments from our patients.  Click on their picture to watch their video testimonial.

Another happy periodontal patientI decided to get my work done here because Dr. Moran has the experience and patience to deal with a patient like myself I’m a little bit difficult to work on I definitely have some issues with, mouth pain and uh, nervousness and she has the patience to deal with me and nobody else does so I drive all the way down from Aliso Viejo to have her even clean my teeth, the procedure that I had done here was to have a new crown, um, I’m sorry an implant. And the implant is perfect I love it… uh I knew she would be the best at doing that, for one reason I have a very small mouth and that’s hard to work on so she’s got such tiny hands that she’s able to get inside my mouth and do all the work in fact I even fell asleep in her chair… hahah that’s a first! Well before my procedure I was extremely terrified of dentists and I really would never get my teeth cleaned or go to anybody cause I was so scared… oh now it’s no problem. I’ll have her clean my teeth any old time! Cause I need to keep better care of them now that I’m getting older and she took the fear out of it. She has the patience to wait until you’re really comfortable, in fact if you move she’ll go, “Are you comfortable?” and then she’ll start again she’s like ready to pull back…which most dentists are so aggressive that actually they’ll lose patience with me completely cause I take so long to get comfortable.. I’d say the most defining factor above and beyond all of the others like her patience and her good work her knowledge of high-tech procedures she’s always on top of everything, I would say is her experience. She’s been a dentist forever and is so experienced… She’s seen it all so when she sees it she knows it and I appreciate that. I had a very very difficult case and my case, no other doctor at least in California that I know of that I went to I went to a bunch could pull it off and she pulled it off. See!

Mary Sue is a happy periodontal patientMy name is Mary Sue Allen. I’m very nervous at being at any type of dentist. So, really when I first got here my plan was to just check it out, and make sure I felt comfortable here at Dr. Moran’s office. And um, that was the thing that kept me coming back. I had a very long procedure that I had to go through and I had to come back many times which for people that are scared of the dentist, it’s very challenging so Dr. Moran and her office staff was really the reason why I, came really the reason why I kept coming back to Dr. Moran’s office. I had an uh implant that included a bridge, so kind of a complicated procedure that required a sinus lift which is a very scary procedure… But again I’ll say that the way Dr. Moran explained everything to me, took the time with me… then helped me through the actual procedure was what really amazed me about this office. My life since the procedure has been fabulous! Again I wasn’t really sure if… I’m not a big fan of kind of, cosmetic dentistry or you know dentistry that you sort of volunteer for….um so you know this was a procedure that needed to be done, and it’s helped me feel more comfortable eating and knowing that I have, with this procedure it’s a very permanent procedure I know that probably the biggest relief is that I don’t have to worry about those teeth or that procedure anymore it’s done it’s over with. It was done correctly, properly, professionally and you know I can just go on and not have to worry about it anymore. I decided to come to Dr. Moran’s office and to stay at Dr. Moran’s office really because of Dr. Moran. Um, I could tell from when I first met Dr. Moran that she was a woman of integrity… a woman of care… passion for what she does and care for her patients. And really if you know a little bit about Dr. Moran she has a distinguished military career so… just her level of integrity and her level of honesty… I’ve been to many many dentists cause I’ve moved around the country a lot and it seems like there are dentists out there that want to try to sell you something and sometimes it’s things that you don’t really need… I always felt that Dr. Moran was giving me exactly what I needed, nothing more and nothing less. and then her level of service from both her office staff and her, I mean…always followed up called me at home after my procedure. Made sure I was comfortable the whole time during my procedure and that’s why I will, if I ever need to have any major dentistry work done I will always come to Dr. Moran and I will always refer people to Dr. Moran.

a happy periodontal patientI decided to get my work done because I was worried I was going to lose my teeth. I went to a couple of dentists and they… three dentists actually referred me all of them oddly enough to Dr. Moran. I got my work done here primarily because the other dentist told me that I needed to get work done… and uh Dr. Moran seemed to be friendly, and competent. My experience was wonderful. Before the procedure I uh, was given some sedatives…. And I came in everything was very, I was very calm. And uh, she did five hours of surgery on me and uh afterwards my gums uh, were much better… and uh I feel much better… the surgery was painless and the post-surgical pain was really pretty limited and the coverage was fantastic!

This patient came to Dr. Moran for the periodontal surgeryDr Moran was recommended by a friend… and uh when I first met her she made me feel very comfortable and like most people I’m scared to death of the dentist… especially since I’ve had a lot of work done in my life… some of it has been somewhat painful…. but she just made me feel very secure and comfortable and assured me that with different kinds of anesthesia that the pain would be minimal….and she was correct. She didn’t hurt me which I greatly appreciated and that’s kind of why I decided to stay with her for my implants. I’ve always had problems with my teeth most of my adult life actually and when I met Dr. Moran for the periodontal surgery…. We discussed implants and the pros and cons of false teeth implants… and I just decided for myself that I would prefer implants cause the idea of false teeth didn’t excite me too much… and she laid out the process. I’ve had about everything done. I’ve had periodontal surgery on my gums and most of Dr. Moran’s work has been implants but uh so far… I’ve been really happy with the implants I’ve had so far, the one’s I already have finished are great I mean they’re like my own teeth I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the implants that I have.

Dr. Moran helped this patient avoid loosing due to jawbone lossI decided to get my work done because I was having a lot of gum pain and, I had put off you know, having any dental work done because I had two pregnancies close together and they were high risk….So I basically avoid the dentist at all costs I’m a little bit of a phobic, but I knew that I needed it, it was time. I knew that I needed to go and have some things checked out. I’m very fortunate that I found her when I did… I did not realize how close I was to losing some of my teeth. I was probably about two years since my last full dental x-ray, and two years ago I was not told that I was having some bone loss due to this gum disease so it happened very very quickly for me. I’m very fortunate that I found her when I did I was able to, she looked and she told me we got to get this taken care of. So I was very happy that I came to Dr. Moran because she does the laser. I didn’t even know there was someone who could do laser as opposed to cutting in my mouth, I was very fortunate to find her. The procedure was not painful at all, Dr. Moran and her staff go above and beyond to try to make you feel very comfortable, which I did, I actually found myself looking forward to coming not only because I was on my way to healing pain and becoming pain free but her staff just makes you feel so comfortable. It’s a place you don’t have to fear coming and Dr. Moran took the time to answer all of my questions and really make me feel very comfortable and I’m very fortunate to have found her. Since I’ve had the procedure I just feel so much better. My teeth, my gums, everything. I’m pain free and it’s really made a big difference in the quality of my life, it has definitely made me feel better so that’s the good thing.

Fear and worry abated after seeing periodontist Dr. MoranI’m fifty… a little over fifty years old. Oh I’d say…I must have had oh twenty bad dental experiences, and this is the first one I actually don’t have fear of coming back she actually took the fear away. I had a lot of bad dental experiences, I was originally from New England and there’s one dentist in town and if he hurt you had to keep coming back… I had real bad dental phobia for a long time and I still do ….Yeah whenever you’d brush you’re teeth you remember you’d always have blood in the sink and you started thinking, that can’t be healthy, your teeth were always hurting you. I’m getting older and I didn’t know it wasn’t good for my health so I had to do something. I decided to come here because I went to a dentist that sent me to a periodontist, they couldn’t do the work I was there for two hours and they couldn’t put me to sleep and charged me for it so I had to find another one. My wife worked in the dental industry and she found Dr. Moran. I was sitting out in the waiting room waiting for you and had no idea that you were having a bad experience, no one came out to tell me. I was waiting for you, I’m afraid I’m going to cry right there. You had blood on your pants. Anyways, you came here for your health to get better. I don’t know about other spouses but for me, living with someone you love so much and you want them to be healthy and when it gets to the point where they can’t enjoy their food, they’re worried about tooth pain every day. When you watch them brushing their teeth and they can’t because it hurts to brush their teeth, it hurts to drink cold liquids even with a straw. It was hurting to drink coffee, he didn’t even have to be careful about what he would eat that’s how bad it would be. What he would order in a restaurant or even what he could eat it at home, so definitely it definitely affected me too. When you love someone you want them to healthy and be able to enjoy their life. It affected me because I didn’t want to get too close to people, and I do a lot of meetings I’m a supervisor at work, and you’re conscious of it when you’re in close quarters with people….Now I have no fear of it. I had to find a periodontist, we heard good things about her. My wife talked to her and she seemed to have all the right answers so we came here. One of the reasons that I liked Dr. Moran’s office for me as a spouse, once again because I’m not a patient here, but I’ve brought Joe to all of his appointments because he needs to be pre-sedated before he comes in because he’s so phobic. I’m the one that drive him here, and that’s just the reality for him.

This patient is absolutely thrilled with Dr. Moran's workI had been to probably…. seven doctors that uh, I didn’t feel they didn’t know what they were doing I was afraid because I didn’t want to have to have to done for a third time… And then I came to Dr. Moran and she’s absolutely wonderful she’s just about the best that there is as far as I’m concerned. Their staff is great …. everyone here is great, and you feel, you know you feel totally at ease when you come in here… it’s not exactly like coming to your “quote” dentist, you know….or periodontist, or prosthedontist or wherever you have to go to have it done… and trust me I’ve been to a lot a lot of dentists. Before I had the dental work done, I had like infections here, that the old implants caused me to lose all the bone in the top of my mouth… and I waited a long time… well too long, because it totally deteriorated the bone…. a lot of pain… I couldn’t eat… uh it’s kind of hard to explain… it’s extremely painful. Well…I didn’t smile a lot because I was… it hurt and uh, I’m still getting used to smiling. My husband tells me, “You’re not smiling!” You know…I don’t even realize but I guess I can smile now and feel comfortable about it and not self conscious. I came to Dr. Moran and I’ve been with her… and she’s just a wonderful person and a great dentist, the staff here is excellent. They’re absolutely friendly you don’t feel like you’re you almost feel like you’re at home… except for…you’re at a dentist but you don’t feel like you’re a dentist… I wouldn’t exactly call her just a dentist… she’s a doctor… she knows what she’s doing ,she makes you feel very comfortable, it’s not painful. The work I got here was wonderful, terrific… there was not a lot of pain practically none… and uh my life is, my mouth doesn’t hurt! I can eat! If you are thinking about getting anything done with Dr. Moran absolutely have it. There’s no question in my mind that you won’t be absolutely thrilled, you’ll be happy with the work the staff everything… she’s a wonderful doctor.

This patient had advanced periodontitis which was in part addressed with Periolase surgeryWell I came in on an emergency basis because I had a loose front tooth, upper tooth. I wasn’t quite certain what could possibly be wrong but it did frighten me. I telephoned Dr. Moran’s office and they very quickly accommodated me and I was shocked to learn that I had advanced periodontitis which is advanced gum disease. Well what do we do? I don’t want to lose the tooth… I was shocked that I had anything wrong with my gums having taken excellent care of my teeth (I thought) for years… to the extent where I had them cleaned every 3 months. What could possibly cause this? Dr Moran was quick to comfort me and tell me that genetics have an awful lot to do with this…Sure enough I could look back at my family history and see that there were gum problems in my family and many of my relatives lost their teeth at an early age. Well what are we going to do? The proposal was that I have Periolase surgery and it was the best decision that I think I’ve made in a very long time. Periolase will hopefully help me recover some of the bone loss. My teeth are stable at this point, and it was a simple painless process that I would recommend to anyone who has the same problem. I was very impressed with Dr. Moran’s credentials…. like most people now we Google, we research, we just don’t go into something blindly. These are my teeth you’re talking about! This is part of my personality. I don’t want just anyone working on my mouth I want somebody I can trust. Based upon her credentials I made the appointment, her staff was more than accommodating particularly since I was so concerned about the loose tooth. Once I had got here I quickly realized I had not made a mistake, Dr. Moran is not only competent, but she instilled confidence in me that this problem could be rectified. My experience here has been wonderful probably the most pleasant I’ve ever had in a dentist’s office and I think I’ve had pretty good relationships with dentists throughout my lifetime but this is something else again from the office manager to the dental hygienist to the doctor herself they’ve been more than receptive to my phone calls and my questions… When I come in I am treated quickly and competently and walk away knowing that my problem has been resolved.

After years of bad dental experiences this patient can't say enough good things about how happy I am with the resultsWell it starts out when I was a kid. I had really great teeth but as a teenager when I went to the dentist he looked in my mouth and he said, you know you have great teeth but it’s a shame because you have such lousy gums they’re all going to fall out. That kind of freaked me out that was the first I heard about the fact that I have this periodontal disease that’s hereditary. Now up to my present, in the last twenty years I have been getting excellent dental treatment, getting my teeth cleaned every three months, using an electric brush, flossing and oh about seven years ago I was getting a cleaning and my teeth… my gums would just bleeding really easily and I was really having a lot of pain and sensitivity. When the dental hygienist was trying to clean my teeth I kept jerking because I was in pain, bleeding like crazy she finally threw her hands up in the air and said I can’t handle this I can’t work on your mouth. She gave me a couple of cards and said you’re going to have to go to a Periodontist. So I went to the first Periodontist, he looked in my mouth and said “You know, I’m just going to be honest with you.” He goes, Most doctors would have you go out and have four deep cleanings and then they’re going to turn around and the inevitable is, your gums are so bad I can just look in your mouth right now and tell you what teeth you’re going to lose. So you might as well just save your time and money and pull those teeth right now, don’t even bother with the cleanings because you’re not going to save your teeth anyways. Well that kind of freaked me out because I was thinking, at least I can have my own teeth for the next ten years so I bolted out of that office. Then I went to the next doctor. We did the oral surgery and it was awful. The pain after the surgery was excruciating and I also had a reaction to the Vicodin that they gave me, which is a very strong medication,a narcotic in fact. I didn’t want to take it it was making me so sick, and he said well you have to you had oral surgery! So i was laying on my back flat in bed, if I got up the room would spin. I was throwing up, my teeth When they used a prop to open my mouth, I have a very small mouth, they went too far, my mouth cramped up so I couldn’t open my teeth more than a little bit. I could barely fit a straw so I had to just drink liquids for about a week and the pain lasted for more than a week. Then up to the present, recently this year I was in the dentist’s office and we got to the point again where the hygienist said you know this just isn’t working, the cleanings every 3 months just aren’t enough you’re going to need to see a Periodontist…and she said you’re either going to need to have this oral surgery where they wanted to cut my gums fold them down and scrape the roots or you can do laser treatment. Well I had never heard of that before and I said, if it were your mouth what would you do? And she said “Oh no contest, the laser treatment is far superior” and she said Dr. Moran is the best! She said the unfortunate thing is that your insurance might not pay because I have very poor insurance and I thought, well it doesn’t matter I want to do what’s best, these are the only teeth I have and I want to try and save them. So I came in, when I came in to have the procedure…. It was amazing. I mean, they just had me lay back in the chair and count to ten, I didn’t even get to ten, next thing I know I woke up and they said it was all over! She said you can just take an Advil tonight. Well that night I didn’t have much pain I took the Advil anyways, the next day I didn’t even bother. So I had no residual pain no damage to soft tissue, and at my next appointment when they went in they were amazed at the results, when they went in measured it was like 3,3,3 and I actually had some bone regrowth. Now I brush my teeth I have no more bleeding or sensitivity. I went in and had my cleaning a couple of days ago and they don’t even bother to give me painkiller anymore because I no longer have the sensitivity and pain that I had before and the bleeding…I can’t even remember now the last time that I’ve had bleeding of the gums since I had that treatment. I highly recommend it, and I would tell anybody whatever you do don’t let them cut back your gums and do the alternative… the laser is the only way to go. When I went to my regular dentist and I went in there saying, and he could see the results of my x-rays… it was practically like a miracle, the difference because I’ve had this forty year history of bad gums and have such amazing results and I said to my doctor how happy I was and how I wasn’t having all my sensitivity and bleeding, there’s such an improvement on the x-rays. I said to him, I don’t know why anybody, would do this other, why you would even recommend for anybody else would go any other route besides the laser! Since it’s non intrusive and so successful and he then said he’s going to start doing laser treatments. Dr. Moran is wonderful, she’s not only, I just can’t say enough good things about how happy I am with the results. This whole office they’re just great. They’re so nice. When I come here, I feel like I’m coming to see friends they put you at ease. I describe some of my previous experiences, I can also say that the communication, they’re compassionate and they’re honest and I’ve never felt like bolting out of the door like I have at a few other offices… It’s just been a great experience all around. I highly recommend Dr. Moran.

All-on-4 dental implants patientHi, I’m Velma and I’m at Dr Moran’s office in San Clemente (Orange County California). Dr Moran performed the procedure All-on-4, on me, a few months ago and I’m at the end of that procedure. It is everything I expected and more. Her office was very professional and Dr Moran has done; she has basically worked a miracle for me. Today I have the most wonderful life, I’m very happy and I would absolutely do it again…

Mark, a happy dental implant patient of Dr. Moran's...Hi I’m Mark D. and I’m here in Dr. Alice Moran’s San Clemente office. I just had my first dental implant and a, let me tell you the procedure was very very nice, it was pain free, very professionally done. Follow up was great, and I just can’t say anything more about Dr. Moran and her staff.

Lewis is cured! After his LASER periodontal surgery...I am a resident of San Clemente and I just wanted to say a few nice things about Dr. Alice Moran and her fine staff. I have been a patient since 2007, and a it’s just been a very very good experience. Dr. Moran is very thorough and extremely professional… knowledgeable in her craft and her um, right-hand woman, Ginny is ah, just impeccable and quite a lot of fun to work with. Anyway, I had some LASER surgery that Dr. Moran had recommended for me back then for some gum disease where I had some pockets between teeth that were serious. And, since then, the gum disease has been eradicated all my check-up are very very good. I’m cured!Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Moran and her staff and thoroughly and without reservation recommend her to anyone watching this fine video.