Meet Dr. Raymond L. Wright, JR.

Periodontist in San Clemente - South Orange County, CA

Dr. Raymond L. Wright

Dr. Raymond L. Wright, Jr. attended undergraduate college at the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL for two years and was then accepted into the University of Illinois College of Dentistry in Chicago, IL. He graduated with a DDS degree at age 24 and then obtained his Certificate in Periodontics from the same school. He was the youngest Doctor to ever receive a Certificate in Periodontics from the University of Illinois at the age of 26.

Following his graduation Dr. Wright was an Assistant Professor in Periodontics at both the University of Illinois College of Dentistry in Chicago, IL and MeHarry School of Dentistry in Nashville, TN for nine years. He was also an Assistant Professor in Orthodontics for two years at the University of Illinois completing a research study that was later published in American Journal of Orthodontics. Dr. Wright was appointed as a Minority Student Advisor at the University of Illinois for nine years.

Dr. Wright was in private practice as a Periodontist for twenty-three years in Chicago, IL. He was a staff dentist with the Illinois Department of Corrections for eleven years. He served as Sergeant of Arms, Scholarship Chairman, Program Chairman, Secretary, Vice-President and President of two local Chicago dental societies as well as a consultant to Delta Dental Insurance. He was a board member with the Chicago Museum of Natural History Collector Committee and the Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre. Dr. Wright was nominated and received an Outstanding Young Man of the Year Award.

After leaving Chicago Dr. Wright was employed as a Periodontist with Dental Service Organizations in Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. While in Denver he served as a volunteer photographer for the Denver Broncos Junior Cheerleaders squad.

Dr. Wright has presented many topics in Periodontics to colleagues and has taken numerous continuing education courses. His goal is to provide the most comprehensive and beneficial periodontal and implant therapy to his patients in a safe and comfortable manner.

Dr. Wright hobbies include traveling, biking, hiking, skiing, swimming, bowling, photography and going to movies. He is currently married to his wife Baitao and they are raising a fourteen-year-old son Jason and a eight-year-old daughter Zoe. Dr. Wright has a son, Dr. Raymond L. Wright III, who is a well-respected general dentist in Chicago.

Dr. Wright’s father was an Army officer and he was raised as an Army Brat who traveled frequently and has lived in Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, New Foundland, France and Japan. After twenty years in the Army, his father retired as a Major in the 5th Army Brigade and moved the family to Chicago when he was a sophomore in High School.